From: Gonzales, Paul Date: Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 8:53 PM
Subject: How have you been?

Coach C,

I hope all is well!

Paul GonzalesI don’t’ know if you remember me (Paul Gonzales) but I played for you in your early years at Holmes. We made the remarkable run in football and came up short against Houston Yates in 92-93 year. It was unfortunate that I did not get to play in that game due to my knee injury many have said had Ory and I played that game we would have headed to the State Championship!!   Baseball was out of the question that spring and I never had a chance to play baseball my senior year. I guess all things happen for a reason. Not playing my Senior Year was a tough thing to accept. (FYI… I walked on at Southwest Texas and made the team  the next year  after high school but tore my knee up again sliding into second base on my first day of practice. I again went through a tough PT and I walked-on in 95-96 season but again tore the knee up on the first day of walk on tryouts in the outfield.)  I went through a serious depression but realize baseball was not in my future. In 1999 I was diagnosed with periodic hypokalemic paralysis. This was the toughest  fight of all as it was very difficult for the physicians to determine the diagnosis. Through it all I was able to bounce back with medication & physical therapy and have a normal life again. I’m grateful for my wonderful wife who though all that madness stayed the course with me and we married a few years later.

Well the purpose of my email is to say Thank You! Thank you for coaching me!! Thank you for the Life Lessons through Baseball ……I look back on my life and you had a significant impact from your coaching methods on my life.

I am happily married to a beautiful woman and I have two healthy boys.  I coach my 10 year old in a Select Baseball Team here in Cedar Park, TX (Austin). I also coach my little one 6 year old who is in T-Ball. Jeff Kent (former MLB) complimented me on how disciplined and engaged my 10 year old kids are in practice.  Jeff Kent coaches the older 12 year old team in our organization. It felt good to hear that coming from someone with all that experience. Which leads me back to you. You always found a way to keep our team loose. You inspired me with your words and energy every single day. I was an observer, a student of the game and I always remember not only the drills but how serious you took the game with your strategic knowledge. Your coaching style was contagious for me which made me love the game even more. You always had a bunch of knuckleheads like CHAPA ( I love that GUY!)! You had some kids that loved playing for you and I was one of them.  High School Coaching style and knowledge makes a difference. I tell my other coaches I’m one of the lucky ones…I had a coach that understood the game of baseball and could flat out coach it.  I see a lot of baseball out there and some knucklehead coaches they are way out of there league. For what  it’s worth thank you! I hope my kiddos end up with a strong HS coach just as I had in my life. Today’s game is very different with Travel ball and it just seems like High School Ball is so watered down just my opinion. My boys always go out to watch HS baseball here in LEANDER ISD and I try to teach them the game.

So many life lessons from baseball  but one in particular has stuck with me since. You moved me over from JV to V the latter part of my Sophomore year. I rode the pine and one game you had me run for Philip Larson…. I ended up stealing to second base and third as well. I was really pissed that I did not get to bat. I ended up scoring on a wild pitch as it passed the catcher. Later in the game you could see I was pissed.  When we arrived  back to the Fieldhouse after the game you called me into your office. You had the baseball in your hand and said “Paul what is this?”  I responded a baseball and you said “ No it is an opportunity! The game gives you so many don’t ever be afraid to make the most of your opportunities and you did that this evening! Always Maximize YOUR OPPORTUNITIES!” I remember leaving the coaches office and not feeling so pissed but actually feeling good that I was able to contribute to the team. That ONE MOMENT  has stuck with me for the longest time.  How I approach my life is just from that one coachable moment that you had with me! In all of my attempts at SWT and my medical condition I looked at those moments as opportunities….What was I going to do with them? In the end I took those moments to maximize my opportunities in Life! I am so blessed for my children and able to pass down the things you taught me about the game.

I have had many parental moments when I pull the baseball out as analogy of life. The baseball does not always get hit to you but when it does do you know what to do….. Do you have a plan? Did you put the work in to earn that play. Many moments to share with my kids to teach them life lessons through the game of baseball.  My love for the game has always been there and I get to share that with my boys!

People don’t realize the things were taught and take them for granted. I have a kid on the team single parent no dad and  I overheard him say to my son Devyn….”Your Dad is smart baseball coach and I wish I had a dad to teach me” my son responded “ well you have my dad and learn from him as much as you can…I think my Dad must have had a good baseball coach to teach him”  Which is the main reason for this email. Not only your lasting impact on my life but the next generation of kids. Thanks COACH C!

I had heard you ended back up at Holmes and good for them they are the lucky ones! When you decide to retire and hang it up from teaching or coaching  please know that you have impacted people’s lives in a very positive way! I hope we can one day we can sit down, enjoy each other’s company and  just talk baseball!

I am not much of a social media person with facebook etc….I wanted to share a couple of photos with you of my kiddos!

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Take Care  and God Bless COACH C! Husky Pride!!




Paul Gonzales

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